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    just wondering if there is anyone here who lives in buenos aires or has lived there before.

    would like to get some recommendations as to cool places, bars, etc. to check out.

    will be going there this week.

  2. I saw this movie... Starship Troopers, and the main character guy and girl were from Buenos Aires.... does that count??? :)

    Just kidding of course. Obviously must be a beautiful place though.
  3. Was there a year ago. For the best steak you will ever have in your life go to 'Los Inmortales' on Lavalle St.

    Also there is a club in the Ricoletta district (sadly I forget the name of it) with the hottest chics in the world. Ask around and try to make it there. Have fun. :)
  4. REALLY??????????????

    Ok, catch me on the next flight to Buenos Aires, can't get any better than that.

    Where do you live at Red? I'm nuts for being up at 3 am. Are you on the west coast?
  5. mgarc


    awesome man. thanks.

    getting more psyched now :)
  6. Hey Jmow,

    Yeah Left Coast here. Wind up hibernating every weekend and can never get to sleep at a decent hour Sunday night.

    Mgarc, If I think of anything else I'll post it here.
  7. OK, I knew if I racked my brain long enough I would remember the name of the club. It's called 'Shampoo'. Mgarc, I inboxed you a link to the site

    There's lots of cool stuff around the Obelisk down Lavalle St around Florida & Tucuman Streets, stuff like musicians, comedians, tango demonstrations. The Pink House is interesting too if you're into history. The big hydraulic flower is kind of cool too especially at night (sounds a tad gay but trust me).

    If you have time I recommend taking the fast ferry (3 hours) to Montevideo, Uruguay for an overnight trip. Montevideo is a cool city with lots of history, well worth it.

    One more thing. Make sure you buy a National Team Polo Jersey (preferably black). They are quite common and seem to have some magical ability to produce cash if you wear them while trading.

    Have fun,
  8. The forums here have a wealth of up to date information:

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  9. I was there a few years ago.. There was a club that was called BA News which was one of the most famous in the city. They had the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in the world all clustered in one place. (And most were very approachable.) I was just reading on tripadvisor that the club has changed names to Crobar. I don't know if it has the same vibe...

  10. mgarc


    thanks guys for the tips.

    am leaving this evening already.

    can't wait to get there :)
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