Buenos Aires city will hit 45ºc today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fearless9, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Here in Avenida Alvear in the heart of Buenos Aires it is 12:45 standard time and the temperature in the calle (street) is 42º+.
    The day should top out 45º+ (113ºF), maybe more. Humidity in the high 50´s.
    However, February is our hot month.

  2. That's a "dry" heat. It should be tolerable.
  3. Sounds like a typical August day during our monsoon in Phoenix
  4. katesdp


    SI, hoy hace muchisimo calor.
  5. My oven is dry heat too. Doesn't mean I want to hang out in there!
  6. How is that effecting you psychologically? This is the trading psychology forum right. Help keep the board user-friendly by posting in the appropriate place.

  7. Agree. This is definitely Economics material. :p
  8. Same temperature as in Denmark then
  9. I am just across the river in Montevideo. I don't think it's 45deg, but it sure is hot. And just two weeks ago, I was freezing my ass off here!