Budget constraints force cities to chose CREMATION over burying deads

Discussion in 'Economics' started by misterno, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Pekelo


    Yeah, it is just you....

    Did you know that the PROPER and OFFICIAL disposal of a used, worn American flag is burning it???
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  2. CET


    Here lies Chicken Little
    He had no clue, he chose to fiddle
    He crowed each day "The sky is falling"
    The world around him he found appalling
    His precious time he slowly spent
    And his bottom line gained not a cent
    Upon his death he looked quite pasty
    But with herbs and spices he was quite tasty

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  3. Visaria


    We can print off some charts or perhaps your brokerage statements and burn them with you if that makes it less "immoral" :D
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  4. During times of prosperity, people can flaunt their wealth with lavish funerals. People can be more tolerant of despicable business practices by funeral home operators. During times of recession, deceased people can be fed to piranhas in order to save money. :) :(
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