Buckeyes are #1

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  1. Let there be no doubt in your mind.

    That was one of the best football games ever played.

    Go Bucks!!!!

  2. ChrisRT


    AMEN to that!! Buckeyes "found the way to win"...

    It's my new motto for life...

    Thank you for allowing me to be part of such an amazing historical moment!

    Chris Schumacher
    OSU Alumnus

  3. I couldn't believe how many shots their QB was taking. I also couldn't beleive how bad he was.
  4. bmwstox


    The Hurricanes were cheated out of the N. Championship by a referee who was not even in the line of sight when he called "holding." The game was over, the lineman who was saw everything called "incomplete pass."

    That call was real fishy and it was total bullshit. Anyone who saw the games knows it. UM doesn't have to rely on bullshit calls to win Championships. UM will play for it again next year.

    Go Canes!!!!
  5. Yawn.....
  6. Gee, calls are never made by refs away from the play... and a ref who was right on the play never misses the call either. How in the world did it happen this time?

    Maybe that's why they have more than one official on the field in every sport... you know, just in case the one right on top of the play doesn't get the call right.... like all the other holding calls that were mysteriously not being called that the replay cameras showed time and again occuring on that side of the field by Miami defenders on OSU receivers.

    Yeah, you hate to have a call like that play a part in the decision of the game, but a non-call is just as bad.

    Oh and btw... Buckeyes are #1
  7. Cane fans whine about the "end zone" call, but fail to realize the CONSTANT holding by the miami db's ALL GAME, which went uncalled.

    If the ref made the correct call with approximately 2 minutes to go when Gamble caught the ball in the field of play all this other stuff about the endzone call is moot....... OSU runs the clock out and um never gets a shot at the tie. Tell me the DB didn't hold Gamble on that play, PLEASE. That hold was worse than the one Gamble got called for in the 1st quarter against Johnson. Two blown calls on one play to the benefit of um.

    When you can't score with a 1st and goal at the 2 yard line, you don't deserve to win........ JMO

    Congrats Buckeye Fans!!!

    Boomer Sooner!!!


  8. What a shame that we can't see a final championship between Ohio State and USC, played in the Rose Bowl....where they both belonged this year anyway.
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    Now THAT's FUNNY!!!

    go canes!

  10. Go Buckeyes!
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