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    I think brokers that manipulate and mislead traders - with no rules - bending rules etc etc should all go to jail under an already existing laws ( does not matter if they are regulated or unregulated).

    Any broker that is reading this better consult top notch lawyer.

    And I think a trial that would go to a jury, 90% guarantee the brokers will loose.

    I will save my hard earned pips just to do this.

    I have never seen any thing like this in a business world where it is legal to mislead investors and bendrules and throw all these technical jargon just to steal.

    For those who think it is part of the game, try to apply that to any other business model.

    If this is gambling, then let it be called that and not trade or investing or any other mislleading name.

    Brokers, you think one person can not change the world- think again
  2. Any forex trader reading this better read the account agreement they signed.
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    After the brokers go to jail, and these bucket shops and retail cons are closed, there won't be any more CONFUSING AND MISLEADING contracts and paper to sign because no one will present them anymore....to be signed by a victum of legalized confusion.

    Think of other business model that have the same law of contracts that confuse the public on purpose.

    If the name changes from investing/trading to GAMBLING, then fine have the same rule like that of a gambling.

    I know, without brokers there won't be 1000$ fx accounts.

    But, to close winning trades prematuraily via slippage on regular none news days via price manipulations- (price difference in comparison to different mini account price quote from the same broker on the same platform same day and min chart , with same ping time, diffetent account )

    Or to just add rules here and there, bet against your interest and wish you loose so they can win....I think the days are short for these cons.
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    Which platform you talk about regarding this price difference ?
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    Yeah and I'd like to know how much leverage you were using and how far away from the market your initial stop was set.

    You sound bitter.