Bucket-Shop Bandit Strategy

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  1. Ok, Here it is. I have used this strategy on 2 forex bucket shops already and I am working on my 3rd right now. Who wants to make some easy money?

    In a nutshell, certain brokers will provide you with an opportunity to take their money and your deposit so long as you make a few trades first. They don't care if you scalp for 5 pips on hang in there for a 200 pip ride to stardom! Some of these guys will offer you up to $25K (if you deposit $1M)...just kidding.

    The upside: a 10-25% return in less than 3 weeks ( in my experience). The downside: You blow-out you account and look like a schmuck!

    You don't want to look like a schmuck...right? So here's what you do. You follow my patented (or soon to be anyway, unless some hedge-fund king puts out a contract on my life) BSBS.

    OK, BSBS isn't gonna cut-in in the super-sophisticated work of high finance, so lets call it: My fully hedged dual-currency, three-pair, statistical arbitrage strategy!!

    That sounds like something out of GS!

    You make a whole bunch of trades in a short period of time with minimal risk, unless you know how to trade in which case you might even make some money.

    Well, thats enough for today. :confused: ?
  2. Yep, enough for today.
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