Buchanan thinks 50% chance Bush bombs Iran this fall...

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  1. BUCHANAN: But I'll tell you what's coming, John. Petraeus pointed right at the special groups supported by Iran, as the main problem now. They are firing rockets into the Green Zone, they're responsible for Basra. The president said that Iran better not make the wrong choice. We're looking at 140,000 troops there by the end of the year, and very possibly airstrikes in Iran before this fall.

  2. I love Buchanan but he's called 5 of the last zero airstrikes in Iran. I hope he's wrong again....
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  4. Since hearing of Tradesports bad call on the Korean nuke test I've shyed away from "judging" events.
  5. Israel will hit Iran if they really think they are threatened. They are hardly going to leave their very survival in the hands of the US.
  6. This wouldn't surprise me. I doubt the US would do anything more than bomb however. Too war weary. Not even sure the US has the troops to wage another war.
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    No way.
  8. No way on this planet will W' cry his way into another whacking of another sovereign nation which has not attacked him with only a few month left in his god-forsaken reign.

    Let the next douche-bag or turd sandwich do it.
  9. Actually, Iran has, for all intensive purposes, attacked us.

    Their support of insurgents in Iraq via providing them with arms, training, IED technology, and refuge is most definitely cause for the US to bomb the shit out of them IMO.

    They are helping kill our troops. Get it?

    But you're probably right that W doesn't have the cojones. We should have struck Iran in some manner YEARS AGO once we had the evidence that they were helping certain insurgents kill our troops.
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