Buchanan Calls Out Warren Buffett

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. pspr


    The liberal media are predictably fawning over billionaire Warren Buffett's op-ed in the New York Times Monday calling for new taxes on the super-rich.

    This led MSNBC's Pat Buchanan on Monday's "Morning Joe" to challenge the Oracle of Omaha asking, "Why doesn’t he set an example and send a check for $5 billion to the federal government?"

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  2. Ricter


    Why doesn't Buchanan set an example and withhold some tax?
  3. Lucrum


    Is he part of the "super rich"? He is calling for more taxes on others like Buffet is?

    For that matter many of Hollywood's elite are both rich and liberal/pro big government. Where is their example?
  4. Ricter


    He doesn't have to be super rich to set an example on principle. He could withhold a percentage of what he owes in taxes.
  5. Lucrum


    He is calling for more taxes on others like Buffet is?

    If not why would he need to set an "example"?

    Buffet is the one calling for higher taxes, Buffet should be the one setting an example. Practicing what he preaches so to speak.
  6. He did not advocate breaking the law.
  7. Ricter


    But the law is wrong, right? It must be if taxes are "too high".
  8. ===============
    Exactly, as Lucrum wrote let see him practice what he preaches;
    let see evidence of $5 billion check, with bank clearing stamps on it:D

    And howmany of those rich, big city crooked newspapers sent $5 billion merry Christmas gift to IRS ??????????????:D LOL

    At least TX, TN, FLA, silver state...;
    they have no income tax [state] Nor do they like to overpay on taxes

    Mr Buffet has some good investment principles;
    but he is simply UNBELIEVABLE on overpaying fed taxes.LOL
  9. pspr


    Buffett has become a senile hypocrite. I'm ashamed to have been born in the same city. :mad:
  10. jem


    he is in a large way responsible for this mess.

    let the son bitch return all the money taken from retirement accounts... because his company moody's... fraudulently called crappy mortgages and their derivatives AAA... Thereby destroying peoples retirement accounts and allowing our crooked politicians to spend trillions bailing out his Wall Street companies.
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