Bubble Peak Anniversary

Discussion in 'Trading' started by waggie945, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. Today is the 4 year Anniversary of the "bubble" with the NAZ having peaked 4 years ago today, at 5048.

  2. Today is Wednesday March 10, 2004.

    Grass is green

    I have one nose.
  3. Nice to see you on the board again!

  4. Speaking right now in an interview with CNBC's Ron Insana.
  5. pspr


    Prechter's bearish! Surprise! Surprise! :D

  6. bebe


    This was the day when Ralph Acampora said that he was turning bullish and the Nasdaq was gonna go to 6,000 :D
  7. Says that the FED tried to reflate and has run out of ammo, with Fed Funds down at 1%

    Says that the NAZ peaked in January along with Gold, and the DJI peaked in February, with the S&P looking like it peaked now in March.
  8. will someone please offer me a gist on what the member short ration is curently telling.
  9. maxpi


    Listening to Prechter is like ......listening to Prechter again. That sucker can really get the PR and he doesn't care from where. He went on the Art Bell show when his last book came out!!

  10. pspr


    I didn't read his last book but I think it reads like the movie "Water World" doesn't it?

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