Bubble me once, Shame on Me

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  1. Bubble me Twice, Shame on us all...

    Is the market a house of cards or not?

    A lot of companies guided for high growth from Q3 to Q4, and I don't see why they won't guide for very nice continued growth from Q4 to Q1...

    But it's an absolute frenzy out there in stock land right now! The pump & dump artists, the newsletters, the analysts, the gurus, the talking heads, they're ALL pumping this market higher!
  2. Yes, but sorry, you are on "they"'s plates.

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    Get rich, ride the trend and when it drops, ride it down.

    You're an indie trader. A mercenary. You don't care who wins, you don't have an opinion on who's right or wrong. You only care about who's the strongest at any given moment so that you can ride along and reap the benefits. You're one of the lampreys coasting on the underbelly of a great whale, feeding on the tiny tidbits that are dropped. And once this bull whale is old and done, then you hop onto a new ride.

    Bull markets make generating trading income and real wealth a whole lot easier than bear markets. Bull markets, to bear markets, wash rinse repeat. Bubbles bubble up and then they pop. Always has been, always will be. There's nothing new under Wall Street.

    Enjoy the easy money making opportunity. Because if you can't in a bull market, odds are you won't be able to generate income when it comes to the rougher, more turbulent bear market.
  4. Watch M3 every week.

    And then watch Gold and Silver.
    If the metals start to roll over and head South, DEFLATION is back in town, and back in a HUGE way!!!

    P.S. Since mid-August, M3 has seen the largest percentage contraction since 1944 . . . That's 59 years ago.

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    exactly... whether the mkt goes to 20,000 or .00002 it doesnt matter as long as youre on the right side going with it and more importantly putting dollars in your pocket... then why debate it??? just go with the flow...
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  7. Trade with the trend until it ends.