Bubble Ben Does It Again!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. "Energy prices are low."

    I wonder when the street will discredit this guy and see him as the baboon he is?
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  3. You can hear his voice shaking as he spews his bs. He knows what he's doing and will probably flee the country when his "service" hits the fan.
  4. I guess they feel they can just manipulate the economic data to back up his views.

    Central banks what a joke.
  5. Are we really suppose to belive him, its different this time oops.

    It sounds like hes on shrooms. "See its not inflation if you expect it.... isn't that groovy?"
  7. Street selling = realization that we have a monkey at the helm of our economy!!!
  8. Jaxon


    He wants to be a rapper:

    The Benber rap:

    The inclination of formation of inflation expectation, with information and implication for communication consideration and formation

    of inflation expectaion..... yo
  9. FRlol!!!!

    Ben will be moving over to Dubai to hang out with his boy from Halliburton..

    The sad thing is there are thousands of college students out there dissecting this speech, professors forcing this bs on our future leaders..
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