Bubble Ben bernanke named 2009 person of the year...

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    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Named Time Magazine's Person of the Year (Click for More)

    Wow, now this quite amusing.....

    12 mins ago - Reuters
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who helped steer the U.S. economy through its darkest days since the Great Depression, was named Time magazine's 2009 Person of the Year on Wednesday.

    "The recession was the story of the year. Without Ben Bernanke ... it would have been a lot worse," Time managing editor Richard Stengel said in a statement.

    "We've rarely had such a perfect revision of the cliche that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Bernanke didn't just learn from history; he wrote it himself and was damned if he was going to repeat it."

    Bernanke, 56, a former Princeton University professor, is an expert on the Great Depression.
  2. OMFG. We're doomed.
  3. ah ah ah, don't make me laugh, the barbudo who's got no clue.

    The Times editor doesn't seem to be the brightest around as well.

    Well, anyway, if I find a copy, I'll make sure Ben visits my ass on a crappy day:D
  4. Interesting timing, a day before his confimation vote. All part of the Bernanke re-election campaign. Revolting stuff.
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    I'm thinking this cant possibly be a coincidence
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    Zerohedge article in 5...4...3...
  7. This country is becoming a joke, Nazi propaganda machine in full swing
  8. [​IMG]
  9. The most incredible thing about that cover is that the market kept going through the roof for a year afterwards. If there was any justice, the market would have imploded within a month of that cover.

    I expect Ben to have the same fate.
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