Bubble ben bernanke and todays 4/27 announcement

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  1. S2007S


    They are pushing up the time for the fed statement announcement. Seems they want to know what Bubble ben bernanke will be up to doing next with all this talk about QE ending.

    Just read this moments ago, from an article:

    Regardless of what Ben Bernanke says at his first quarterly media briefing Wednesday, the markets are convinced the Fed chairman will lay out policies that will keep the stock market rallying and the dollar in decline.


    So it seems no matter what happens Bubble ben bernanke wants to keep this 2 year old stock market rally going and by doing so he will be repeating the same boring worthless dribble he has been saying for the last 2 years.

    1. That they will keep QE going until June 2011.

    2. They will keep rates at historical lows until further notice.

    3. They will just push aside any talk about inflation, ignoring it completely.

    4. How he is in favor of a strong dollar, etc, etc, etc, etc which we all know he isn't in favor of it.

    5. He will keep other easing programs in place that will further weaken the dollar!

    Bubble ben bernanke only creates asset bubbles, remember that. He has backed himself into a corner with everything he has done to "try" and prop up the economy. Too bad in the long term its going to leave this economy in worse shape than it was before.
  2. Seems like they are following the ECB now, giving press conf.
  3. I would be shocked out of my seat if he said anything today that we can't go ahead and predict right now. We're not seeing the numbers we wanted, can't quit QE immediately, toss in a couple of cool catch phrases such as "cold turkey" and call it a day.
  4. S2007S


    Big Q & A in another hour, this is getting interesting, I am listening to Bloomberg and Mr. Farr is on and he is saying everything right, talked about the trillions that have gone into the system and is talking about how much traction does the economy really have once the QE is done with. He is saying there is just too much interference with Bubble ben bernanke and friends intervening every second that they can get.
  5. S2007S


    Bubble ben bernanke must be nervous now, but he shouldnt worry since he knows QE III is coming and markets will zoom another 100%!!!
  6. GATT


    voice very shaky with zero self confidence.
    dark circles under his eyes. deep down he knows he is a failure
  7. S2007S


    One of the questions was what can the fed do about raising gas prices?

    Bubble ben bernankes Answer:

    Higher gas prices are creating a great deal of hardship for many people, its obviously a very bad development, higher oil prices make economic developments less favorable, drains purchasing power makes it bad for recovery....

    Our interpretation is supply and demand, rapidly growing economy, demand for commodities are very strong indeed all of the increase in the last decade is from emerging markets, not much they can do about gas prices, at least without derailing growth entirely, what we can do is basically try to keep higher gas prices is try to keep prices from passing into the broader economy, our view is that most likely that oil and gas will NOT continue to rise at a continuous pace, that will provide relief.

    So basically the only answer to this question was that energy prices will NOT continue to rise at a continuous pace and that will provide relief, wow, what a fucking answer BUBBLE ben bernanke!!!!!!!
  8. LVMises


    He is nervous, his voice is trembling.

    I found it so difficult to watch him defend the FED's policy.

    Not to mention the softball questions being thrown at him.....
  9. Have you just been sitting on the sidelines doing your running commentary or have you taken advantage of this rally?