Bubba, The Weenie And A New York Minute

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, May 24, 2013.

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    What a title!

    Just when Bubba and the missus get an opportunity to dispense experience unique in American politics, and could tutor two old friends who need help, they retire to the companionable solitude of the family hearth to reflect on the Scriptures and to bask in the piety of each other.

    For a New York minute it seemed like a return of yesteryear, with old times there not forgotten. Bubba was back, and Hillary had him. Then, pffftt! The minute was gone, and so were Bubba on the stump and the missus dreamy-eyed at his side.

    Anthony Weiner, the Gotham flasher who quit Congress when his night job, starring in his own show on his own private porn channel (“the stars come out at night in the Twitterhood”), closed out of town. Now he’s running for mayor of New York City to test F. Scott Fitzgerald’s observation that there are no second acts in American lives. Fitzgerald thought you get an opening and a closing, with nothing between. The flasher had his opening and closing, and his second act is lost in the clutter of memories and might-have-beens.

    Bubba and the missus got their second acts, each one verging on a boffo performance. They could teach Mr. Weiner a thing or two when he needs help most. Who better than Bubba to tell him how to profit from disgrace. Who better than Hillary to tutor Huma Abedin, the Weiner missus, on how to wring out of the shadow of disgrace the last ounce of sympathy, pity and compassion that is the wronged wife’s due. If Bubba could do it, why not the weenie?

  2. If Sanford can be forgiven so can Wiener
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    Where are the pics of Sanford with his clothes missing?

    I didn't want Sanford to win the Republican nomination but I think in Weiner's case it was the outright lying to the public in person on TV and the photos that did him in.
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    Why, what has your little Wiener been caught doing now?