Bu$h plan to go to Mars

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  1. guys, this is a complete joke! Do you realise man has never been to the moon much less Mars?!? Yes, that's true. There's a thing called the Van Allen Belt outside the Earths orbit, which is an intense radiation field. We didn't have the technology for man to survive that 25 years ago, and we still don't have the technology today. Anything living that goes through that dies.

    so, anytime you hear that Bu$h wants a man on Mars, just laugh to yourself, coz they're stealing your tax dollar$.

    I also have doubts about those pictures sent back from Mars recently. Looks a lot like the Nevada desert to me.

    Just a thought.
  2. This is not true, the radiation is not that strong at all. You may want to read up a bit on this before making statements like that on a public forum:

  3. you're right, your post is a complete joke.
  4. Little lost here, what is the point of going to the moon and Mars ?
    I guess spending on space exploration is more of a priority than paying off the debt.
  5. I'm surprised no one brought up the issue of the US flag "waving" as if there is some air current.

    Its not hard to doubt the authenticity as to whether major events actually occurred as we are led to believe. Case in point, the JFK assassination. Who do you believe did it: the lone gunman Oswald, the govt, the mafia ? At the time it was Oswald. But after a bit of investigating there are "things" that didn't make sense (ie. major bullet)

    Another example is Pearl Harbor. Why do I see on the History Channel a segment called the Real Story behind Pearl Harbor ? The segment told of the Japanese radioing in 15 minutes before they were about to bomb PH. It is Japanese custom not to surprise the enemy, the attacking samurai would wake a sleeping samurai and let him prepare. So which is it, a surprise attack or was there a warning?

    A final example is what recently occurred, the invasion of Iraq. First it was touted as a search for WMD, then it was a liberation of oppressed people. Now we hear from Paul O'Neill that this attack of Iraq was on the agenda from the get go.

    Do we accept everything at face value or doubt things until they are further proven? As for my opinion of the moon landing, I couldn't care less.
  6. only pinheads are anti-space exploration. you people disgust me.

    i can't think of anything more important than understanding what the hell is going on in the universe. just think about it, it's incredible we're here right now and there IS a real explanation for it.

    and if you think it's a waste of money because you THINK you already have the answers through religion, YOU'RE A TOTAL MORON.
  7. We went to the moon. We walked, drove a car around and brought back rocks. Big deal. You expect to find some book laying around on the moon or on Mars that will tell us everything?

    We've seen the pictures of the universe and OOOHHH, how purdy but big whoop deee doo. Spending a ton of money to take long trips to get rocks seems like a complete waste of time and money.
  8. idiot
  9. Interesting article :

    "One might expect space enthusiasts to be thrilled about a return to the moon. Perhaps they would be in different circumstances, but not under the current management. The Space Frontier Foundation is an organisation 'dedicated to opening the space frontier to human settlement as rapidly as possible'. But as news of the plan leaked out, it warned that NASA was 'bloated, inflexible, self-indulgent and lives on the re-runs of its better days'. The agency can only succeed, said the foundation, with the involvement of the private sector, handing over the baton at the right moment."
  10. guys, have you done any research? If you want me to point you in the right direction let me know. Yah, I know its hard to believe something all these years and then find out its not true.

    Did you even READ my post? I will say it again: we NEVER went to the moon. It was a hoax on the public! My post was not about whether its worthwhile, but that it can't be done! It also wasn't a post about the pros/cons of space exploration.

    to sum it up, talk about going to Mars is utter idiocy because its impossible!

    Just a thought.
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