BTU: Peabody

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Landis82, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Just insane moves today!!!

    Let you in on the down opening at $27.50 and powered higher all the way up to $35.00

    Just pulled all the way back to 32.70 with 75 minutes left in the session. Crazy VOLATILITY.

    Just insane!
  2. Daal


    you cant trade BTU, BTU trades you
  3. True.
    Very true.

    Stock spent the rest of the afternoon trading all the way back down to 31.80

  4. dsq


    NOV was quite nuts today-sank to 22 area and soared to 29+ ,closed at 25+...

    I sometimes trade this.I would actually like to take a position but am too chicken.
    Earnings report for slb hit the stock today.How does this bode for oil service?
    I thought earnings might rally all these severely beaten stocks.Who the f knows.As much as i would like to buy and hold nov ,in this environment i cant take the chance.