BTC Halving

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    So the BTC halving has happened and not so surprisingly BTC dropped against the USD. I would presume the traders took price down to collect alot of stop losses from the people jumping on the bandwagon that BTC will rise instantly when the halving happened. I bet alot of people that dont like any Drawdown will of jumped out of the market in fear, or had their stop losses took out. Easy money for the big boys.
    As we can see price still held that little support shelf and the 200 day average gave it the support it needed and we look to be creating good demand around here.This small bearish action is just a natural retrace in price, you only need to look back at the bigger drop we had and the recovery we got from then. Ive bought myself and will continue to hold. GLIYF Screenshot_1.png
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    Have heard some analysts say the results of bitcoin halving will be seen in the next six months.
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  3. nice pics and charts
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    Amun Ra

    And now it's up $500 today. The biggest sellers are no longer the miners.
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