BTC $500k, ETH $42k, ChainLink $1,400

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    its been many years ... i used to trade spreads & bonds and help people here ... 8yrs ago i started ...

    in just over 2 yrs i was able to retire in Crypto . and the party is only just getting started. i went all in when I first joined, Q4 of 2018 . they declared Bitcoin & Crypto to be dead , and i walked into a bear market, aka the easiest opportunity of a life time .

    and its still easy right now . you need the right toolset & vision .. see below.

    i post my stuff a free twitter if you want to take advantage of your Bitcoin & Ethereum and multiply them ;

    Twitter Link:

    its no secret that crypto is the fastest growing asset class in the world and will continue

    some cool facts for the new person;

    1. There is an EXTREME amount of edge in investing in crypto . nobody knows how to value things properly. its because of Metcalfes law.
    Price = number of users SQUARED , for adoption

    i.e. if you increase users by 4x, you get 16x price increase .. this blows peoples faces off

    use a LOG chart (right click price axis, put Logarithmic) on trading view

    2. there are 140M users worldwide. its growing 2x the speed of internet adoption. we will get to 1 billion users by 2024 . this means 8x more people, 64x price increase. this puts the market cap (a bogus metric) of roughly $100 trillion for Crypto, by 2024/2025

    3. my bitcoin forecast this cycle:
    between $400k to $500k top tick

    my ethereum top tick forecast (due to deflation and EIP-1559 burn + ETH 2.0 sharding + The Merge) = $42k to $55k

    my chainlink top tick price prediction: $1,100 to $1,400

    4. if you are very new to crypto and you have a tiny portfolio (anything under $100,000 USD) i would recommend my DeFi Bluechips ... has 50x to 100x potential and safe. Must have diamond hands ; these are NO Brainers (read my twitter on them)

    1. ChainLink (LINK)
    2. Uniswap (UNI)
    3. Aave (AAVE)
    4. Compound (COMP)
    5. Maker (MKR)
    6. Yearn (YFI)
    7. Synthetix (SNX)

    note: for more information please go to and search this in the bar:

    100x (from:yourfriendsommi)

    > you will be taken to a few posts where i show the 100x portfolio (it has 5 of these, use the 7 mentioned) . we're in the later part of the "Risk On Cycle" for crypto.

    > Split your money 7 ways, put it in each of them (can buy on Binance, CoinBase, etc.)

    finally & MOST important

    you base currency of life should be Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or both . i do believe ETH/BTC ratio (currently 0.07) will get to 0.30 to 0.50 one day .

    if your total portfolio is worth 0.2 Bitcoin ($9,000) then your goal should be to split it up and allocate across crypto and get back MORE bitcoin in the future .. all explained on my twitter

    there is Bitcoin you should NEVER EVER sell, same as crypto. converting back to USDC (fiat) is a losers game. you lose to inflation. Bitcoin is hard money, Ethereum is wildly harder . it doesnt matter , just stay in scarce assets . becareful of the fiat trash pile, its a regret.

    good luck friends , feel free to ask questions . i share knowledge & help when i can. just remember you should already be balls deep in crypto right now. theres no excuse , its the only place youre able to take $50k and turn it into $1.0M in the next 30 months
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  2. At the end of the day, you're just another random dude on the internet trying to sell us your crystal ball. Crytpo has no intrinsic value. You could be right, or it could go to 0. 10 years later u still cant go to walmart to spend your bitcoin or ETh.

    1 billion users in crypto by 2024 ? Thats 1 in 7 people in the entire world. Just b/c you invested in crypto and were successful and its currently trendy doesnt mean everyone is going to eventually catch on. And definitely not the boomers
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    One is an accomplished trader and the other one is an old man yelling at a cloud.

    Welcome back Sommi and congrats on your fortune. Crypto is the place to be right now and it will be for the next ten years. I'm doing a lot in the crypto derivatives space and it's a hoot to be honest. Not really into outright bets.

    But I agree: Crypto is the big thing right after the internet. In ten years you wont find any paper many anywhere in the world anymore
  4. Well I'm a pretty accomplished trader, so I'm assuming sommi is the one yelling at a cloud.

    Trading crypto, plenty of value there. Predicting 500k bitcoin ? A fools errand. nobody knows the future.
  5. RedDuke


    you just got lucky and congrats on that.

    you do realize crypto prices are a mirage perpetrated by Tethers. 70 percent of volume are in tethers, aka ponzi. What is real price of BTC then?
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  6. Is France part of Africa or Africans live in France?
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  7. You definitely have the right idea. Just looking at the complete history chart of Bitcoin, you would have to be a damn fool to say it's going anywhere but up. I also believe Ethereum has a very good chance of passing Bitcoin. There are many good things that are already happening and that are going to happen with Ether.

    I just don't think Bitcoin has the potential to be used as a worldwide currency. I think it's more of a store of value. That's part of the reason I think Ether is a safer bet.
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    Governments and central banks will love that. :D
  9. I don't know why this concept is so hard to understand. Crypto's "success" is what may also lead to its demise.

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  10. johnarb


    It's nice to meet you and thank you very much for the post

    I really like this bitcoin forecast for this cycle. Quick question, when do you think is the end of this cycle per your model? [i.e. 2nd half of next year]

    I agree, base currency of life should be Bitcoin or Ethereum, fiat is getting debased. Lebanon is an extreme example but even the USD is not doing so well when measured against goods and services, and now showing up when measured against investments (stocks, real estate, etc.)

    I enjoyed the book "The Bitcoin Standard by Saiifedean Ammous" and it allowed me to view many things in the world in the context of hard money, economic and monetary policies across time

    One can never have enough bitcoin, imho
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