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    Strange ratings for BT, in the 'Brokers' part of this site.
    Only 12 ratings (including the D. Bright one) ...
    67% negative opinions.
    Are the ratings locked or is it just that the traders with BT think the rating is justified compared to the other brokers/firms ?

  2. Most of that silliness occurred quite a while back when some "errant recruiters" thought they were being cute with the ratings game. Since I could easily have 500 traders post 100% tomorrow, we just haven't bothered with them anymore. We have gotten past the silly mudslinging on the board, and the stonger are still growing, and some of the detractors have given up their childish attempts to stay in business.

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    Don, how do you know that they were "errant recruiters"?
  4. Who cares?? Why not just go and find out the facts for yourself. They're pretty easy to come by. We're talking about a prop firm, not "what's it like to walk on the moon?". Meaning? Meaning it's not hard to find out what you need to know by yourself. If you're the kind of person that's gonna make a decision based on the rantings of a few anonymous broker "ratings", maybe trading isn't for you. My advice? Find a casino and "red or black" your way to wealth. At least you won't have to think.
  5. I couldn't have said it better myself. I want everyone to consider what they're doing, how to approach the business, and to put every firm through the same due diligence that I have recommended so many times.

    (Never play roulette, learn how to play a game you can win)

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    Hey Don, I know you have to be somewhat defensive with the way you're grilled on this website from time to time, but I'm not being a smart alec here. I'm just curious whether you know for a fact that the reviews are tainted, or whether you are just making an educated guess.

    I don't understand the 'who cares' attitude; broker ratings by others shouldn't be the sole determination of which firm one should join, but I think it certainly is part of the picture.
  7. MJT,

    My hat is off to you for calling Don on this one. I know he's a big advertiser on this board but it's nice to know EliteTrader doesn't have to cave to his sometimes questionable comments.

    More on point, a negative comment is not necessarily spurious or "silly." If Bright Trading gets negative comments there's a fair chance that they deserve some, or most, of them.
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    Tom Frey

    hey.. i love playing roulette and blackjack ;)
  10. I think when using broker ratings to 'help' with a decision, then some common sense should be used. If you see a comment by someone who has no posting record on ET, then ignore that comment, whether good or bad.

    For example, my decision to go with IB was made easier by the fact that many of the comments were from 'contributing' members and as such held some weight in my mind. In this case the broker ratings helped me in my decision making.

    On the other hand, I didn't see one comment (good or bad) about Bright, from a contributing member (apart from Don's). Therefor, in the Bright case, the broker rating would be of no use to me whatsoever in my decision making.
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