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  1. Lately I've been getting BSOD's on my 5-month old Dell XPS, usually when I leave my quotes program open all day (funny, it never crashes during market hours though). I had originally thought it was the screensaver since they only happened after I had been afk for a long period, but they don't seem to occur if I never open my quotes provider screen. Since they only started after I had recently downloaded a new version of the program, I figured that might be the cause.

    However now I've also been getting them on shutdown, just about every other time. Anyone have this experience?

    One of the error messages I usually see is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and something about a memory dump. . .
  2. It's probably still under warranty, so call Dell. They might request that you reload the OS and all applications to rule out any bad software (video card driver, virus, antivirus), but if you keep after them they will replace any bad hardware that you've got. In my experience, crashes are often caused by:
    - bad memory
    - bad power supply
    - bad video card driver
    - bad video card
  3. I went through an hour or so of diagnostics, no problems with memory, and ran a chkdsk scan which found some errors and supposedly fixed them. I was also told to increase my paging(?) limit to 6100, whatever that means. I'll see if any of this works . . .
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    Oh my God, the dreaded Windows / Dell intermittent BSOD. Good luck with that