BSE all set to launch Sensex futures in US

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  1. 2008-04-04 17:50:00
    BSE all set to launch Sensex futures in US
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    MUMBAI: The Bombay Stock Exchange is all set to launch trading of Sensitive Index-based Futures on the U.S. Futures Exchange (USFE) in Chicago from next week.

    Speaking to reporters here, BSE managing director and CEO Rajnikant Patel said, trading of Sensex Futures at USFE would allow eligible US investors to directly participate in India's equity markets for the first time without requiring American Depository Receipt (ADR) authorization.

    The launch of a futures contract based on the Sensex will facilitate overseas investors in taking exposure to the Indian equities.

    The contract will have a notional value of $40,000 and a tick value of $10. The clearing and settlement will take place through The Clearing Corporation, Chicago.

    USFE's US dollar-denominated Sensex futures contract will trade 23 hours per day and settle monthly to the corresponding value of BSE's futures contract.

    Expected market participants include hedge funds and institutions, international mutual funds, and individuals seeking investments in Indian markets
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