BSD Medical.... The Heat Is On!

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  1. I have a VERY long history with this company. I have been following their lead machine the BSD 2000 all the way through trials and tribulation. A couple points.

    - 1) They submitted this machine ages ago to the FDA.
    -2) They ran another recent 300 + person trail recently which made no sense. Are they now on rolling submission was more data even asked for?
    -3) I have sent the company 2 e mails one nice one slightly threatening in which I claim to be a newsletter writer who's not going to include them in it's picks if they don't get back in touch. That one always works and it did not this time. I am left wondering if something is about to happen here. I have been tracking the volume carefully the last two weeks and today it traded it's daily average before noon.

    What they do:
    BSD Medical Corp. is the leading developer of systems used to deliver hyperthermia therapy for the treatment of cancer. Hyperthermia therapy is used to kill cancer directly and increase the effectiveness of companion radiation treatments. Research has also shown promising results from the use of hyperthermia therapy in combination with chemotherapy, and for tumor reduction prior to surgery.

    The machine:
    The BSD-2000/3D delivers precision-focused RF heating of cancerous tumors using three-dimensional steering (focus). Both the treatment and the treatment planning are software guided. The new system at the University of Tuebingen Medical School has been provided with Hyperplan treatment planning software. The BSD-2000 has been a recipient of the Frost and Sullivan "Technology Innovation of the Year Award" for cancer therapy devices.

    These are being used NOW overseas! Also the whole concept of using heat to treat cancer has been validated.

    SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Dec 14, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- BSD Medical Corp. today reported that the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has announced that hyperthermia therapy and radiation as combination treatments are for the first time included in its 2007 Breast Cancer Guidelines for recurrent cancer of the chest wall (breast cancer) and other localized cancer recurrences. This announcement significantly supports the progressive emergence of hyperthermia therapy as a mainline therapy in the treatment of cancer. Hyperthermia therapy (heat) devices and radiation therapy devices are the only medical devices listed in the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology for Breast Cancer. All other treatments are drug or hormone based.

    There is a groovy NEW machine they are just now unveiling Advanced Capabilities of BSD Medical's New Cancer Ablation System Unveiled at International Engineering Conference
    - PR Newswire
    SALT LAKE CITY, Feb 06, 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- BSD Medical Corp. today announced that Paul F. Turner, Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of BSD Medical Corp., unveiled the advanced capabilities of BSD's new system designed for cancer tissue ablation, the MicroThermX 100, at the International Society of Optical Engineering conference recently concluded in San Jose, California. The FDA submission for 510k market clearance of the MicroThermX 100 is currently being prepared.

    >> so we know at least the new machine is getting an FDA date soon. We know the old machine works , it's being used in Germany and elsewhere- but may not be being used currently in the States. What is the status of that FDA review- can it still be going on? Will they skip over it and just bless the new machine. Will the company drop a secondary and wipe me out?

    Certainly a lot of questions... but the stock is telling the stonedinvestor something & after following it for over 5 years it would be a crime against humanity not to take a shot with BSD Medical.

    Folks it's part of your risky portfolio... but think about it.
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    a cancer cure really work? then it must be shorted because some big drug company will want to kill it.

    but the chart is looking good, look like it is under accumulation.
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  4. Oh you have made me so very happy tonight nkhoi!
    Nice 12% day today huh?. Something is about to blow here. I only bought 1/2 position regretting that.
  5. position Update* I had to call in..
    BSM - 3000 shares or a $3k gain on now a $23k position. Yes, it had a
    strong day and is indicted up strongly today....

    Is anyone else with me here?-- I'm getting that warm feeling of a moonshot-- I'm sure you traders know anytime you scale back from a full position out of fear-- the stock runs like hell! It never fails. When you overload and duplicate picks in numerous accounts they fall on their face.

    I'm so superstitious if I get a partial fill on 1200 shares- say 900 of them i will cancel the remaining 300 shares because I just know greed is never rewarded and timidness always makes you wish you had more...

    I need a roll call here* BSM who's feeling the HEAT!
  6. Open>
    Healthcare : Medical Equipment & Supplies
    Last Price Today's Change Bid (Size) Ask (Size) Volume Trade
    8.20 +0.45 (+5.81%) 8.16 x2,500 8.20 x200 57,200

    Calling All ETer's.......
  7. BSM Bsd Med Corp Del (AMEX) 8.24 +0.49 ( +6.32%)

    Well whatever- 18% in 2 days up from $6 something when I started this thread and outside of one brave moderator. None of you went for it.

    I'm left thinking is it the bio aspect of it that scares you off? I've noticed I can sell the most obscure fiber tech story to people and they are eager to jump in. But bring out the biotech and medical equipt stocks and they run for the hills.

    It's to bad. Always been my best sector. stonedinvesting and biotech are linked at the hip.
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    I think people got burn on cancer cure before, don't remember the stock but it was white hot at that time.
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    the way to kill it is to take it over
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