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  1. getting ready to rally back up to 99.99 --- 103.00 area, I would think before the puts expire
  2. might get into the 70.00 range on a strong run down and a quick reverse, thats what i'm watching anyway
  3. If you lubricate your imagination with some top-shelf cognac, you can see that the recent wedge-formation could be re-traced all the way up to $130/share. We'll see.

  4. dumped right down to 70.11 and right back up to 73.00 off the bounce

  5. 82.40
  6. S2007S


    70 to 82 in 2 days.

    Now thats a nice trade.
  7. i'm pretty sure the 85 calls were 5.00 on monday and their 200.00 today