BSC trading at 48.65-------wow !!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NY_HOOD, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. getting smashed. feel sorry for the poor bastards that bought on that bullshit spike in the pre mkt.
  2. 38$this is crazy
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  4. BSC getting molested. seriously,had no idea it was this bad for them. i actually feel sorry for those that own the stock. the ceo goes on tv and says everything is fine yesterday and now this! it reaaly is a travesty.
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  7. l2tradr


    OMG, at $29 now...
  8. The price action over the last 5 days was your warning. Hey the CEO just said everthing was ok dokey!

    Like Ken Lay of Enron. Everything is fine buy more shares.
  9. i cannot believe what i am seeing. we've all seen various companies blow up or drop 50% in one day but my god,this is bear stearns! next question,is this a systemic problem.....looks like it.
  10. Dang look at USDJPY sub 100. Look for some sort of pump today from wallstreet these guys are fighting for their lives.

    Rumors of inner meeting rate cut how about bring on Charlie, how about Bin Lauden. They are thinking right now
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