BSC say: Credit Situation WORST IN 22 YEARS

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  1. great just what we needed to hear going into the friday close.
  2. I just don't get all the hoohah over BS. They always were a third tier gunslinger firm.
  3. Bear Stearns are a bunch of morons, their hiring mantra poor hungry driven ,"phd "finally bites them in the ass, letting clueless brokers run multi billion $ hedge funds this is what you get. for them credit situation certainly is the worst in 22 years. overall credit spreads are nowhere near where they used to be back in the worldcom days.

    this statement by the CFO today is the ultimate contrary indicator, subprime mess is about done, few more cover pages and taxi cab expert discussions on the subject and we are back to business.

    times like these separate the Goldman and Morgans from the rest of higher end chop shops
  4. pure hype
  5. hell we aint broke, everything is fine
  6. You mean, the Goldman that handed over $16 billion to their employees within the last year? That is a crummy way to run a company. How about investing it into the future of the company?
  7. gadzooks

    even AAA 2006 paper is wonder Cramer's panties are wadded up
  8. My God what a conference call. You have to listen to this, these guys don't instill confidence, they use the right words to scare the sh** out of you.

    You can listen to the call here (Just enter fake information in the form so you don't get spammed, then click submit)
  9. HAHAH

    Q: "Will you guys buy back stock as it approaches book value?"

    A: "We think the stock is undervalued and doesn't reflect the true value of the company... [pause] ...but we're opting to preserve capital and trying to weather the storm." Read: We won't buy back because we think it will go down a lot more.

  10. LOL. Where's the bottom on that?
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