BSC longs lookin to score some valium

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  1. they might need more than that. they should call pumpanddumper,he always has a good stash in his medicine cabinet. that guy knows how to party !
    by the way,i heard pumpandumper was seen at a mercedes dealership this weekend,he must be short BSC.
  2. vaconin
  3. in all seriousness,this is nothing to joke about. i really feel bad for the people that worked at bear stearns and had their savings tied up in options. this is ugly. sadly,its not the end of it,there will be other banks as well as this is a systemic problem.
  4. LOL, I just tried going to sleep but wanted to see if futures were down 300 by now.....

    No, not short and it hurts. Could clean up real nice tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to go long soon before the next bear spike rally.

    I'd like a BMW though instead of my Accord. Would like to pay in cash too with worthless paper thats called the USD. I think I better off shopping for foreclosures when I have the money...
  5. I'm sure there are a few people there that are honest and ok, but come on. I can't tell you all, but these guys were the worst of breed, and that's saying something. They would clear for the Taliban if they got the chance. I know so many companies and el=mployees crushed by the likes of this scum, I can't really feel sorry for them.

    Oh, ok. I do. Watch the SHO list. The Street will attack Bears positions, and they do clear for scum. I fully expect a lot of BB's to rally hard. they'll be hard to spot, but be alert for a Tasr or FRPT to pop.
  6. I just want this to happen to GS so that disgusting hag, Abby Joseph Cohen gets bounced on her "S&P is always 25% undervalued" ass.
  7. I called a friend, an Instutional Type, who couldn't believe waht I was telling him. "Itn's not $2, it's one for one plus 2, so that's 38. "

    I said "I'm sorry, but.........." So he's reading me all these emails about JPM conf call, and this analyst says......."

    I said, "they lie.!!! Use your common sense. I've been telling you this for years. "

    He finally admitted it. Anyone who tells you for money what the S& P is going to be next year should be wearing a turbin and looking at playing cards.
  8. Futures surging now go long
  9. FCCT


    BSC is a massive liability, you should be paid to take that on. $2 is generous, only reason its not zero is the feds bailout.
  10. 2 dollars per share is astounding to me.
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