BSC JPM deal done for $20ish a share

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  3. Close to a deal. I do not see the terms.

    JP Morgan should wait and keep uncertainty in the air. God damn it, if they do the deal tonight and end it, it will calm everyones nerves.

    I blame the leperchauns.
  5. CRAP!:(
  6. Thats a 16 point hit for me from when i got in. Ouch :(
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    If the price and news is true, does that make the market go up or down?

    It seems like an awfully low price.
  8. JPMorgan Closer on Deal for Bear Stearns
    Sunday March 16, 4:59 pm ET
    JPMorgan Moves Closer to Deal to Buy Ailing Bear Stearns

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Wall Street is waiting for word that JPMorgan Chase & Co. reached an agreement to acquire wounded investment bank Bear Stearns Cos.
    The two sides reportedly want a deal locked up before investors can put pressure on both of their stocks once Asian markets open for business. The Wall Street Journal reports the two banks were close to a deal for JPMorgan to buy Bear for $20 a share, or $2.2 billion.

    The government, which on Friday helped facilitate a deal to provide funding to Bear Stearns through JPMorgan, continues to monitor the situation closely.

    Stock closed around 39.5 so yeah if sale at 20 - i'd say that is pressure enuf, lol


    sorry for bag-holders, seems shareholders just get no recourse, totally sad, i know!
  9. do you GET $20 per share or do you have to pay $20 a share to get rid of it?
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