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  1. not singling you out liquid, but i just think its sensless to waste energy trying to outguess the market...just trade it how you see it as it happens, although you make a good point about danger of a spike which isnt really the saem thing, just good awareness, so i guess my .02 is you gotta be aware but not trying to outwit the market
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  2. those are nice numbers if there legit, and you def. make a good point, and along those lines i think a lot of people fail to see i guess call it the silver lining b/c they are too busy bithcing; i.e if something acts differently or you get "screwed" there is prob. a reason for it and it should tip you offer to a good trade....
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  3. All well and good to post your results, but I think it would be instructive and fair to also post the kind of SIZE that it takes to make those numbers.

    Notice I'm not asking anyone to reveal technique.

    Example, if I trade 100k of SPY and claim to have made 10k today, well, that's a bit misleading.

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  4. I scalp on 1000-3000 shares and on average trade 150K shares/ day. I usually pay around $1000 in commission and bullet costs/ day and the rest = my payday :cool:
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  5. Thanks for the info. I think that puts things in perspective for those that thought you may have been posting those numbers with 100 lots :p

    Lesson: once you are a profitable trader, the WHOLE game is size, churn and opportunity.
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