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  1. I was victimized by irrational exuberance. It's hard when you show up at work and do the right thing, and everybody else does the wrong thing, and they get rewarded and I alone must pay for the wages of their sin out of my meager trading account.

    Wouldn't be so bad except it happened twice, once long and once short.
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  2. Please explain to those of us who trade on our own how that works. Do you actually lose money from your account because your co-workers lost money? If that's true, and your trading skills are that well developed, why would you not stay home and trade your own personal account for you and you alone.
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    I think he was being facetious.:D
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  4. give me a break, where are the real traders on this board?? yeah, this week has been tough, lots of fakeouts, specialists holding orders until they want to fill you, greater than normal slippage and hardly ever any price improvement, but you can still make money. However, I have been at the computer ALL day this week and leave mentally and physically exhausted- this is not fun trading and the money IS harder to make, but it is there.

    My P/L for this week (NET):
    Monday 3rd: 1086
    Tuesday 4th: 4251
    Wednsday 5th: 2348

    no, those are not negative numbers and no, i am not full of shit. I am not one of the pikers that need to come to this website and lie about my ability. so, quit your whining and start hustling. the guys that sit on the sidelines bitching about "oh, its not fair, its so hard, this market sucks" are obviously trying to make excuses for their failure to make money. I am not trying to be cocky or condescending, just saying that everyday the markets are full of opportunities to profit, you just have to know where to look :D :D
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  5. Ah, but you weren't alone, I helped you. :) Can't win-em all.
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  6. I for one agree with you, there are opportunities everywhere. But, I will hazard a guess that the people complaining, probably don't have the capital to trade this market, and that you do.

    In that regard you are lucky to be in such a position. This market is not one for those on thin ice, or people who HAVE to make money.

    Nice week!

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  7. no, I lose money when I am right and everybody else is wrong. Their error in judgement causes my correct position to move in an adverse manner. I do trade from home, but I like to think I am not trading for me alone. I am trading to make the world a better place. And the world would be a better place if those of us who are right could take all the money away from those who are wrong.
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  8. In front of Powell's speech, the biggest immediate risk was to the upside: there was a possibility for a big spike up if he happened to reveal "smoking gun" evidence; on the other hand, if substantial evidence was lacking, the market most likely wouldn't react to the downside until it was clear his presentation was over (what if he saved the best for last, etc). Anticipating market reaction can reveal great risk/reward opportunities.
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  9. I agree completely. It is possible for one man in the right to constitute a majority of one. This statement was made by an American, in a previous era when democratic values were perhaps more widely understood and valued.

    On a practical note, I'm sure you were "facetiously" pointing out the more commonly quoted (on here) statement that "the market is always right".
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  10. dbphoenix


    It also helps to follow both the ES and the NQ. Note that when the NQ spiked into a new daily high, the ES was WAY behind.

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