BS trading today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by theShadow, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. Correction: Who knows what BS lies in the hearts of the market?
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  2. AND most the guys who brag and act holier than thou probably dont make money either...teh better traders thant i know on this site are humble.
    and there's nothing wrong with venting a little when frustrated.
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  3. is playing games in after hours in e mini spoos this eve.

    showing huge size , then cancelling it then size again then cancel

    it is driving me nuts !
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  4. I was not involved in this particular trade, but something like that happened to me a few months ago due to an entry error. I sold ISLE on the bid before the market opened.

    If I had been an institution I could have gotten the trade busted, but since I'm not, I had to eat the loss.
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  5. This wasn't an entry error. The guy was bidding for a long time before the open. And I hit him couple of minutes before the open. There was also INCA bid at 52.05, but I was too slow to get him. It's all fare.
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  6. Interesting. I didn't know that. But even if it had been an entry error, I wouldn't blame you. It's certainly not your responibility to call up the exchange and have your trade busted because the fill was too good for you.
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  7. :p
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  8. Who just bought GE from me?
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  9. you still could have gotten the trade busted....i am not sure about nasdaq though but had it been listed, definitely
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  10. I knew it was too good to be true. Last ten days have been great, then today happened :mad: Kroc of Sh!te.

    Bad fills, technicals didn't work, Powell talking to UN, etc...

    I was Due :eek: Should have stopped trading at 10:30 EST
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