BS trading today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by theShadow, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. Who knows what BULLSHIT lies in the hearts of the market? . . . . theShadow knows!!!!!!!
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  2. it may be boring.. but certainly not BS. You just have to be a skilled trader to pull money.

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    from SammyBea.

    please proclaim your skilled trading for today.
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  4. actually made some decent $$$ today.. but pretty much making up for my losses over the last 2. But there is too much whining and personal attacks on ET. Wahhhhhh the mkt is BS, Wahhhh another poster should be banned. Give me a break. Thats the intelligence level on this board?

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  5. i would too...a lot of guys yap a lot on this board but never backs it up or posts anything with substance...
    personally its been slow week for me to, only made about a hundred on mon. and tues... but doing better today up a few bennies....
    specialist i trade this week have been pricks to, getting pennied to death and much more aggressive on shake outs..spreads were obnoxious today too, at least what i trade anyway
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    it appears there are too many self-proclaimed "skilled" traders here. (hint hint sammy)

    If you can't back what you you day, then what is it worth?
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  7. tricky i am extra-heemly distracted. pretty decent reversal and strong up thereafter -- I'd think anyone paying close attention would have gotten it. My excuse is that I wasn't...
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  8. why would i help u out? Spent too much of my own money in losses (i think of it as tuition) + trading advisors to give it up. I certainly don't have any incentive to give up my methods to people who sit around all day and whine. Before this thread gets out of hand, let me very clear.. if all you have to offer is to bash me, and that makes you feel better, go for it. Actually start a Ban Sammybea thread if you want. But lets face it.. 90% of you people, and probably 100% of whiners and bashers aren't making money.

    Moderators, I would say put this and other thread like this in Chit-Chat. But then again, you would have very little substance left on the homepage again. Why is there such little care in the content of your site nowadays?

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  9. got long on the break above 855 but we have given it all back and so did I. :mad:

    Might be time for for me, this spoos 855ish is the BS zone IMO.

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    he he

    you are one funny guy Sammy...

    good luck on whatever you are doing and next time please try to humiliate all the people who post on ET.

    how about this? maybe you can post your trades for Monday and Tuesday, so, we can all see how unskilled you are.

    did TheShadow ask for help from you?

    THis is funny stuff.
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