BS trading today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by theShadow, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. anybody have any decent trades?
  2. AMEN brother

    this whole week has been BULLSHIT
  3. ISLD 2000 buy AIG at 51.70 premarket, whoever you were, thank you very much
  4. xtrader


    Specialists are kicking my ass by doubling/tripling my normal slippage.
  5. acrary


    I didn't want to trade but thought the train might be leaving the station and I sold the ES at 84650. When it consolidated around 84500, I was happy to be out with 1.5 pts.

    Trying another short now...looks like it may take us to new lows.
  6. hey nice trade, dude...

    gotta love screwing the morons who get up early...HA!
  7. Thinking big rip up all afternoon myself.


    Not doing anything here (spoos 851) but above 855 thinking we could melt up quite a bit as disgusted shorts are forced to cover all the while mumbling what the hell...this makes no sense.

  8. Well, they're industrious, and sober, so they would tend to rise early. I suppose their history of polygamous relations would create another reason for rising early.

    I wonder, since prostitution is legal in Nevada, and that it is the home of the LDS community, what percentage of prostitutes there have a mormon background, and whether it makes them more efficient, and profitable, in their careers.
  9. Did you know that George Foreman named all of his five sons George? Handy strategy to ensure immediate assistance from an offspring with a minimum of requests.

    On the other hand, you could say it was the totally idiotic decision of a punch-drunk egomaniac whose head is full of B.S.
  10. Do you think George Foreman would ever say someone was "kicking his ass"? You should say "Specialists are kicking my blah blah blah" Thank you
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