BS Move Today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cpt Power, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Markets are up today due to institutional buying and portfolio adjustments. Fake bull move.

    Dow up 113 Adv/Dec line not even close to 2 to 1.
    Naz up 10 and Adv/Dec line is negative.

    If you are a swing trader, get short.
  2. you sound like a frustrated bear.
  3. Hah, you mean can't hold till the close?
  4. bully bully!! :smile:
  5. Luto


    I have been trading the BS-Mini for awhile now.

    Although it has a lot of false breakouts, it seems pretty smoth for me using the system I developed.

    Best of luck.

  6. S&P and Naz closed at their lows. Dow closed 100 points off the high. It's okay to call me psychic.
  7. range


    I do not know if you are a psychic, but that was a good call.
  8. Pabst


  9. indeed
  10. It may have been a 'good' call but totally meaningless from a nick with 2 posts.

    Lets see you do that a few more times before we decide if you're not just taking pot shots at the obvious.

    Some here seem ready to subscribe to your service. Name your price.
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