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Discussion in 'Trading' started by markc, Jul 29, 2003.

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    I purchased a copy of Bryce Gilmore's "Trading To Win" approximately 3 months ago. It is in perfect condition. Paid $US400 will sell for $US270 plus postage.

    Please note, I am in Australia but will post anywhere globally.
  2. Two questions:

    1. Is this the ACTUAL book? Many people here sell copies and .pdf files.
    2. Did you find it useful? I suspect you will answer yes, but the answer in most likely no. If I find a book useful, I keep it for future reference. And, if I am making money from ideas learned in a book, I have little interest in re-selling it to get some of my money back.
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    Yes, this is the actual book. I didn't realise people sold pdf copies...would have been a cheaper option when I purchased! :)

    And yes, the book is useful. The reason I am selling is quite simple. I have an interest in adding a 'time' element to my analysis. Bryce covers many different aspects of market geometry and using it to day trade the emini. He doesn't cover the use of time in this particular book and before I jump in with the sharks I want to at least investigate the validity of 'time'.

    If my 'investigation' so to speak turns up nothing then I am quite happy to put what I have learned to use in the market. I have watched Bryce trade his method profitably, and I have also paper traded the method profitably. I realise paper trading needs to be discounted but it is a good start. :)

    As trading provides zero income at this point for me, the proceeds will be used to buy another book.

    I hope that answers your questions.
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    post some BG style trade first then you could ask for full price on the book.
  5. I only see this book on Amazon. Is it similar?
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