Brutal MSNBC Moment: Chris Matthews Crucifies Flustered Obama Backer

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seasideheights, Feb 20, 2008.

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    MSNBC is getting pretty good at ambush journalism. I was trying to think how I would answer that question, and I couldn't come up with anything the senator has done either. Then I realized that I can't think of any legislative accomplishments for Clinton or McCain either. What about Huckabee or Bush?

    We're about to elect a member of Congress, a senator no less, as President for the first time in a very long time. Who was the last senator elected president, and what were his/her legislative accomplishments? How do these candidates compare?
  2. I saw the interview when it occurred yesterday (Tuesday).

    Not sure what the guy did to Chris M ... but Chris ripped him a new one.

    Not sure the clip caught it but other people at MSNBC started laughing at the end when Chris again asked him about any legislation Obama had gotten through the Senate.

    It was so bad that Keith O (who has his dry sense of humor) actually came to the guys defense to a degree.

    If you are going to get on TV as a canidate surrogate, at least know more about the canidate then how he can give a good speach.

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    way to go Chris!

    I don't understand why so many sheeple are buying into the obama hype. the guy has no accomplishments, no experience, no practical plan... all he has is fluff..... now that they are running in texas, he is the typical 'all hat and no cattle'.

    If Americans elect this guy as president, then they deserve some tough time in the next few years where this clueless guy runs the country into the ground (if it's not already ran into the ground by the previous clueless guy the American sheeple elected).

    It's only pseudo-democracy if votes from the clueless crowd can cancel out the votes from the people who understand the issues and have true concern for the country.

    A true democracy should be intelligence-weighted. Every voter should pass a test of his/her understanding of the issues and what each candidates get to offer.... then his vote is weighted with how well he scores in the test... therefore, a vote from an intellect who scores 100, will take 10 idiot votes to cancel, if the idiots only score 10 out of 100 (which I suspect is what majority of the voters can score anyway)
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    Its amusing to watch a honk for the Dem party like Matthews say he has no bias and yet so openly shill out for Aunt Hillary.

    Politics is a bigger spectator event than the Super Bowl.
  5. Guys, you are forgetting that logic does not appeal to the segment of people voting for Obama. It doesn't matter how useless he is, these people think he should be president because he is a good speaker and because he is black (half).

  6. Of course Keith O came to his defense.

    Ever hear the faaaaaar left rants that olberman goes on. OMG, its freighting...
  7. You are desciring a uptopian society, but I like it.
  8. Say what you like, but Obama is attracting a huge groundswell of support from people who know what they DON'T want in a president. People who are sick of the Republican bullshit agenda of trickle-down economics, belligerent foreign policy, and pushing backwards, religious-right social policies. And who sick of the Democrat's brand of pseudo-populism that caters to their own lust for power and to the special interests that finance their campaigns rather than to the benefit of the working-class constituency they claim to represent. Compared to the alternatives, Obama doesn't seem that bad to many.
  9. Its enlightening... :D

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