Brutal Chicago first winter day - Nat Gas too cheap?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by nitro, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. nitro


    The first day of winter in Chicago sees sub zero temperatures, with a wind-chill factor at least 30 below.

    If this continues and hits the northeast, Nat Gas probably too cheap, imo.
  2. Where did global warming go?

    Seriously, I feel for you. Heard that Chi-town is getting hit hard in all different ways... economy, weather, market, jobs... What's worse is, chicks are being up-tight and more people not riding the traditional cabin-fever tradition.

    Less bodies to warm each other up... and more heating required...

    ??? Off topic was it?
  3. nitro


    I don't bother debating GW anymore. The people that need to be convinced that it is unequivocally true have been convinced. The rest I consider acceptable loss:

    Women seem the same to me. Many states in the US were in bad shape, even before the RE crisis.

    Nat Gas futures do not appear phased by the brutal temperatures.
  4. Gas in the northeast for last weekend & monday (12/20/ - 12/22) was $13 . Power got a pop. Everyone wins..
  5. nitro


    Actually, I think the nat gas market was smarter than me this time. Chicago weather now looks like spring. Within two days, we went from -10 degrees Fahrenheit to +50. That is a 60 degree swing. Incredible.

    The market participants that move nat gas markets have first rate meteorologists on the payroll, it appears. I wonder though, does the vol of vol of weather have any predictive value? We shall see...