Brut order checks INET and Nasdaq now too!

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  1. Not sure if everyone is aware of this, so i thought i would post it as info and to say i love brut!

    What has changed?
    As announced in Head Trader Alert #2005-087, Brut Directed Cross orders directed to the NYSE will check the NASDAQ book and other electronic destinations prior to being routed to the floor. This change is intended to increase firms’ chances of receiving an immediate electronic fill. Orders are executed at a price that is as good as, or better than, the NYSE floor. Brut will continue to consider adding other electronic destinations to improve the likelihood of an automatic fill based upon the pricing, latency, and technology of other venues.

    How does this help NASDAQ customers that trade exchange-listed securities?
    For customers that use Brut’s DOT router, this change will likely result in orders getting filled more quickly, without being routed to the floor.

    NASDAQ Market CenterSM users will have a greater opportunity to interact with a large number of orders that were previously sent directly to the NYSE.

    How quickly will my order be handled under the new process?
    The Directed Cross Order will check the NASDAQ Market Center book and available intermediate electronic destinations. This process usually only takes milliseconds.

    Can orders be routed to NYSE without checking the Brut or NASDAQ books?
    Firms may use Brut’s router to send exchange-listed orders directly to the New York Stock Exchange without checking the Brut, NASDAQ or INET books by using the THRU Brut Order. Note that a THRU Brut order has a charge of $.00040 per share.

    To check the Brut, NASDAQ and INET books, use the Directed Cross Order. Directed Cross Orders for Exchange-Listed securities continues to be free.
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    Is it $0.0004 per share or $0.004 per share?
  3. I would assume it is correct the way it is, its a nasdaq trader bulletin.