Bruno. Disapointment!

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  1. Just saw Bruno. A few funny clips but mostly a let down. Boring stupid and not funny for the most part interspersed with a few funnies. Borat much much better! Opinions?
  2. I said this was an obamanation (sic) weeks ago.

    A whole movie about a flamer?

    Guaranteed not funny.

    I think Cohen is overrated.

    Just a guy willing to do real stupid shit and bare his hairy ass.

    Oh wait, I'm confusing him with Sykes.
  3. 8 out of 10 people I talked to so far said it was definitely worth seeing
  4. was this guy one of the 8?

  5. I don't believe I know your boyfriend :p
  6. fhl


    The critics who loved borat for lampooning the common, everyday folk in fly-over country are aghast at bruno. Making fun of homosexuals is <i>mean spirited</i>, don't you see.
  7. Ya still got me beat with that gang bang of 8 ;-)))))

    Do the other 2 just watch?
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    I thought it sucked. I saw Borat and loved it. This was short and shitty. What a waste of money.
  9. I'm just passing along people's responses to the movie that I heard, you were the one who seemed to have a major issue with it and decided to post a pic of a homosexual. You took it to THAT level, friend.

    PS I have not seen the movie myself

  10. I thought I was outing the commentary.
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