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    Hello...has anyone ever heard anything about Bruce Gould and his "money-machine" program? It is for commodity futures. Thanks.
  2. WHo the heck is Bruce Gould? I get his mail about every 2 months. He must be a billionaire! According to his literature he knows all the perfect trades. For that matter I'm sick of Lee Gettes, Chuck Hughes, George Angell, Don Fishback, etc.....As far as I can figure all these guys and their students must be the richer than Warren Buffet and Bill Gates combined.
  3. Fuck Chuck Hughes!

    Bucktoothed goofy-grinning ass douchebag!

    What a scumbag marketing faggot!!/OrkInet
    Any of us long term trading veterans could could go to Oceanside, CA (their phone room headquarters) and drinking a 1/2 pint of Gin each night on the phone (while abusing prospects that asked probing questions), after 90 days we could be their top salesman--guaranteed!

    I will post this to other trading forums.

    I bet Chuck Hughes is a short man with a tiny dick!


  4. You are better off buying a very basic and low-cost book on technical analysis, such as by non-guru John Murphy, than to waste your time on expensive materials produced by gurus that promise you easy fortunes that can be achieved with minimal effort.

    Bruce Gould's Money Machine costs $2,500! wtf is he smoking. I would bet you would learn more from a basic TA book than a rip-off guru book.
  5. Also look into Peter Brandt's Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader. He's a real trader who trades longer term chart patterns.