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  1. Boomer


    Which browser do you use and why?

    I have heard not to use internet explorer.

    I have good things about firefox and opera...

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    IB's website does not support Internet Explorer.
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    I didn't mean home page lol :) I meant when you start using account and other features. I opened a couple of tickes with support but they essentially said they are not going to fix it and I should just use FireFox.
  6. I have grown dependent on Firefox's wide variety of add-ons. My favorites include: WebMail Notifier, Fox Clocks, Better Gmail, Internote, and Forcastfox. However, certain websites do render better using Internet Explorer, so I utilize the IE Tab to solve that issue.
  7. Bob111


    to me website mean website(front\home page included)
    account management,web trader,browser TWS- are totally different things.
    next time-please,be more specific.
    still -not having any problems using IE with IB