Brown Wins

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  1. Its over. Brown wins.

    This is the biggest political upset we may see in our lifetimes.

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    The House passed the health bill by 3 votes the first time. After tonight's landslide GOP victory, you can count on 20-25 less votes in the House for the bill now. Obamacare is dead!!!!!!!
  4. This is massive. Any democrat in the senate or house has got to be re-thinking their footing now.

    Brown didn't just win, he won by a decisive margin. You're right, doc. Probably the biggest upset we've seen in our lifetime. I'm glad I donated to his campaign. Feels good. Let the Dems start fighting amongst themselves now.
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    I guess ACORN didn't get enough dead people to vote for Coakley. :D
  6. The American people are a resilient bunch and have spoken.
  7. The "good" people of Mass. just slapped Ted Kennedy in his face.
  8. "Seeing President Barack Obama reverse course and make a last minute/last ditch effort to save the Coakley campaign brings back memories of November, when Obama put his prestige and political capital on the line in an unsuccessful attempt to save the gubernatorial campaigns of New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and Virginia’s Creigh Deeds."

    This is working out good.
  9. This gives us at least an extra year or two before the economy collapses now.
  10. Sorry, that would be the democratic party that just did the slapping.
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