Brown win kill the markets?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by noob_trad3r, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Interesting correlation. Since Brown won in MASS an new Bear market has emerged.
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    May be its because of BROWN. Why not put the blame on him, because if the market had rallied, I'm sure the ideological and neo conservatives at CNBC, WSJ and other publications would have credited the rally to him. I laugh when I hear the cerebral lightweights at FOX news, etc cry about the liberal media bias
  3. PINHEAD! On Ignore.
  4. you are a noob trader.
  5. So... nothing wrong with that. Weren't we all noobs at one time?
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    This market's plunge has more to do with a PIIGS default, the unveiling of the new Obama budget proposal and weaker than expected jobs data.
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    this is the dumbest thread ever posted on ET; quite an accomplishment.
  8. hehe. Actually what happened is When Brown won, Obama got pissed off and decided if people are going to fight his Health Care initiative, then he will Declare War on Wall street instead.

    The Whole Health Care BS had everyones attention and everyone forgot about Wallstreet,regulations,taxes on trading,etc..

    Now the spotlight is back on Wallstreet and even Volker was brought back from the closet.
  9. Maybe the selloff is due to Reid pointing out that the president lacks a negro dialect.

    Or Chris Matthews realized that the president is black.
  10. Wait until there is a big attack on America which will be blamed on Al Qaeda... THEN you'll see attention misdirected for evil purpose.
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