Brown Urged to Suspend Goldman’s U.K. Government Work

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  1. April 20 (Bloomberg) -- U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was pressed by opposition parties to suspend Goldman Sachs Group Inc. from government work until regulators complete a probe of the New York-based firm.

    With elections on May 6, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats today said Brown should go further than criticizing some employees at Goldman Sachs, the most profitable company in Wall Street history, as “morally bankrupt.”

    “If Gordon Brown believes Goldman Sachs are ‘morally bankrupt’, why is he still using them as advisers?” said Mark Hoban, a Conservative Treasury spokesman, in a statement. “He is lashing out at the people he was very happy to work with over the last 13 years as both chancellor and prime minister.”

    I think governments around the world will take a closer look at who they are working with...
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    That's fantastic, I seriously hope he does boot them out, Goldman Sachs are pretty much pawns for the federal reserve.
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    Don't you have that backwards? Not the other way around?
  4. Fixed that for you.
  5. Goldman is an invincible company
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    lmao nothing is invincible.
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    Who would benefit most if GS goes down? JPM? Who would benefit most in Europe/UK?
  8. Who would benefit the most? The numnuts at the Fed. GS goes ape shit with policy and makes money. Fucks up their plans to keep our sorry asses broke.