Brown takes lead in Mass. Senate Race!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by John_Wensink, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. He is up by 1 point.

    Could it be true? Could the voters of massachusetts actually save the country?
  2. Just wait, if Brown wins the voter fraud, recount calls and tantrums will be like 2000.
  3. Your lunacy is think republicans will make a difference...

    ...they won't.

    Anyone with a brain watching the 8 years of Bush, 6 of which were with full control of all branches of government by republicans demonstrated conclusively that republicans and dems are two sides of the same corrupt coin...
  4. 59 votes instead of 60.

    That's a pretty big difference. Eventually huffington post will put out an article you can understand.

  5. You are really stuck in the partisan game...

    Good luck with that...

    Meanwhile I'll take the side of both Nader and Paul, who equally find the blame in both sides of the coin, and yield the solution in evolving beyond the simplistic partisanship in which both sides are nothing but corporate whores...

  6. No.
    I'm from Mass.
    We'll screw it up.:(
  7. I am too but I think the unions are realizing how royally screwed they are going to get by the healthcare package and will vote brown.

  8. Boston Globe has Martha by 15%.
    Herald calls her up by 9.:confused:
  9. The Public Policy Polling results showed Brown with a razor-thin edge -- 48 to 47 percent -- over Coakley, giving state and national Republicans fresh hope that a Senate seat thought to be safe for the Democrats could still be in play.

    I would be skeptical of anything said in the Globe. They probably polled 20 people, who were all NY times employees.
  10. I'm not stuck at all. I have been saying for a very long time both parties are corrupt. You are just opening your eyes.

    My only concern is to block healthcare, nothing more.

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