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  1. Anybody use them? $5 market orders and $10 limit orders with 10% rebate. They are not direct access but may be good for a backup broker.
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    Yes, I use them as a backup broker. The browser interface is slow, but they get you good fills, and are easy to work with. I use IB as my primary broker for the speed of entry, and ability to scale in and out cheaply.
  3. ktm


    I use Brown as well. Excellent firm, awesome customer svc and a real standup operation overall in my experience. I am doing much more trading with IB because of the lower commissions but Brown is one firm I would highly recommend.

    The interface is arcane. They are working on a new website but it still has reliability problems from my experience. Swing trading is fine with Brown, but I wouldn't want to use their interface if you are trying to trade at a fast pace.
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    Been using BrownCo for many years, very solid company. Definitely no frills and chills like Datek, but I use it as a sweep account and for occasional swingtrades. They recently revamped their website and finally included the ability to place buy/sell combo stop-limit orders (I had been bugging them for years, previously you couldn' place combination stop-limit orders online, you had to call those in. You could always place stops or limits, just not combos online). Their rates are good, and I even once tested how good their straight market orders were by placing a series of overnight market longs and shorts over a period of weeks. On average my fills were within about .06 of the opening price on Nasdaq stocks. Not bad. Only complaint is that their short inventory leaves something to be desired, or at least it did for years (haven't shorted with them for a while).
  5. Brown is only broker I've kept, been with them for years, after trying and eliminating many others. The fact that they sell order flow has actually been helpful in getting small size filled.....Pat