Broward and Dade counties, Florida

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    Since I live here, I get to gripe. The news here showed early voting in south Florida, and what was in line as far as the eye could see? ALL blacks. I didn't even see a single Hispanic, which is strange for that part of the state.

    Can anyone here imagine what would have happened to the person, despite their color, had they shown up there wearing a Romney shirt?:eek: Violence would have been an absolute certainty.:mad:
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    You should have gone down wearing a Romney shirt with cut off sleeves and a hat with the confederate flag on it, then make sure you got your gun with you, and put those lenient floridian stand your ground laws to the test. :D
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    I was thinking the same thing.
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  5. LEAPup


    Don't tempt me! I'm only a 5hr drive from that mess! Plus I don't hold my 1911 .45 sideways as I squeeze the trigger. These primates shoot everyone EXCEPT the person they intend to shoot as they're just that... Primates...

    Race relations have been set back 40+yrs, and that's sad. I have never been so put out with black Americans in my life as they chose skin color vs common sense.:(
  6. Primates? Nice. And yet you wonder why?
  7. I learned all I needed to know during the "busing experiment" early seventies.

    Then we moved to an all white school district. What I learned from busing is "civilization is a nice place to live" & no they are NOT just like me.
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    LOL. But then you won't look cool. They don't care who they shoot, they just gotta look cool with their piece. :D
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    And I never called them primates until they acted like them... After they got their "God" ocommunist, they stopped behaving as humans, and that's sad!

    Good part is they can't shoot, nor do they have any discipline to learn. Real patriots WILL restore America in time...
  10. pspr


    We're watching some zombie movie on TV and the zombies remind me of how the liberals behave. The good guys are outnumbered like 1000 to 1 and can't kill them fast enough. :D
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