Brothers. Good Luck And Sayonara.

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  1. My work is done. I am outta of here.

    It was lovely to a be a minority for a brief shiining moment at this thread. Freethinker, AK47, Ricter, Brass, You have been brothers in arms. Good luck.

    BASM & Tsing Tao: Keep keeping up. You opened my eyes.

    Lucrum. As much as an asshole as you try to be, you're a good guy. Keep flying high and when you are up in the sky, look down and take in the broadest view.

    PHEONIX TRADER. I know I rode you hard (figuratively speaking)
    The other side isn't so terrible. Give them a hug. They'll hug you back.

    MAX E. PAD. I salute you. Why? I don't know, but anyone who has such an indentification with the periodic travails of women deserves recognition.

    LEAPup. It doesn't matter who is in office. In America our destiny
    always rests within each of us. That's why our country is great. The assholes voted in no matter which party they hail from
    are always voted out. Teach your son his conscience is his inviolable domain, and that his dreams are his and our future. Free minds create free lives.

    AAAinthebeltway. Don't worry. Life will go on. There's a silver lining in everything and one just waiting for you to uncover it.

    EVERYBODY: Good Luck, be happy, help your neighbor whenever he is in need. May the force be with you!
  2. Best wishes Brother .Thank you for joining us
  3. I cant start any threads for a week so I'll say it here.Best wishes and congratulations to my to fellow anti Romney brothers RCG, Freethinker , Ricter, Brass,good ole boy,walter 4,exgoper,trendlover,Mr Bill,bigarrow,Spike Trader etc.
  4. 1) I still think you are a homo, I wonder why?
    2 stupid, or evil manipulators of the stupid :will never have my respect.
    3) Not a fricken chance.
  5. Well done, PT.

    Seriously, one must question the farewell post and the phrase "my work is done here". Was he a temp shill?
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    To your sister for me, not brother. :)
  7. Lucrum


    "Outta here"? Really?