Brother of French Terrorist proud of his late sibling's killing spree

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  1. Simple! For the longest while they were taken hostages by the terrorists. When the city was liberated, the Syrian army was met with roses and rice, a welcoming costume back home.

    By the way, 70% of Homs is made of Christians and Alawayts.

    Any other questions?
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  2. We have seen LE ops turn to sh*t in every country, it happens.
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  3. Terrorist's Brother charged

    Of course, the terrorist's brother, is outraged with being charged. All he did was acquire explosives, hide guns and explosives in his car, paint the stolen motorbike a different color, and attempted to have a shop disable the GPS device on the stolen motorbike.

    "Abdelkader Merah was charged Sunday with complicity in seven murders and two attempted murders and taken into custody, the Paris prosecutor's office said Sunday."

    Of course, the terrorists girlfriend, mother, and iman from his mosque are all still be detained.
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  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Well said.
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