Brother of French Terrorist proud of his late sibling's killing spree

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    I'm proud that the French were able to shoot him in the head before he hit the ground.
  3. Actually the shooting shows how inept the French SWAT teams are. Several police officers were shot in the initial and final confrontation. Fortunately only one was critically hurt and still in the hospital, thanks to vests.

    It took over twenty shots to kill Mohamed Merah. Two of the twenty shots were fatal including one to the head. This simply mean that the police opened up with everything they got when the terrorist was near the window trying to escape. This was not a clean single shot from a sniper.


    "An autopsy of the gunman's body showed he received two fatal bullet wounds to the left temple and to the abdomen — but that he was hit by some 20 bullets, mainly in the arms and legs, judicial and police officials said."
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    I'm still proud (or glad) that they shot him in the head before he fell to his death. I'm not sure what floor he was on though.

    Whether one is religious or not I'm sure he is NOT in a better place now. He's either nothingness or burning in some unthinkable place.
  5. He was in a first story apartment, which in France means the second floor.

    Yes, I sure he is burning in hell.

    His brother, girlfriend, iman, and mother - all who directly supported his terrorism and have been detained - deserve a similar fate in my opinion.
  6. It took 1000 French special forces soldiers and police officers to take down one low life parasite but the whole world is up in arms condemning Syria for the way it confronts gangs of Muslim cavemen who ethnically cleansed thousands of Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities from Homs and Qatana.

    The whole world is taking a double standard regarding Islamic fundamentalism. On one hand, they condemn the killers in their streets and on the other hand they cry wolf at the way Syria is dealing with thousands of well trained Qaeda like killers.

    The whole world should stand united against these animals otherwise we will all pay a hefty price.
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    You've certainly given me pause and made me reconsider my outlook towards the events in Syria.

    I detest the regime using tankfire and artillery against the people in Homs but you point out that those people in Homs are terrorists.

    The West is unable to make the distinction between all of these factions, the Alawites and other subtle difference between Sunni and Shiite sects. I'm just being honest when I say that I can envision a point in the future where the West adopts a "kill them all" mentality.

    I'm 51 and world events my entire life have been dominated by Arabs killing Jews, Arabs killing innocent westerns, Arabs killing each other. I find that I just don't believe that the presence of Israel is the catalyst for all of it. The Arab people just seem to lack something in their makeup that the rest of the people in the world have, a trait that allows people to leave alongside each other and raise children and live peacefully. Eventually the world might reach a point where enough is enough.
  8. Explain this to me and tell me what you conclude.

    1- The guy was a detainee in Afghanistan for terrorist related activities.
    2- Afterward, the US intelligence ships his ass to his native country (France)
    3- He is put under surveillance by the French intelligence.
    4- Four days before he killed the innocent children and their father, he killed three French paratroopers WHILE he was under surveillance.
    5- Most of the Qaeda like terrorists in Syria right now are N. African with FFrench background.

    Should I continue or can you draw your own conclusion?
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    So, ShameMe would have us believe the whole town is just terrorists. The women and children are terrorists, too?

    If there is nobody in Homs other than terrorists where are the residents? And who are they terrorizing? Each other?
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