Brother, Can you spare a dime?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DennisR, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. DennisR


    Im short $VIX Apr 30 calls, covered at 37.5.
    Looks like I'll be rolling away for losses the next few months.....

    Oh St. Patrick, afford thee at least one guinness pint with shamrock froth.
  2. 50% Guinness with 50% Harp for me tomorrow night here at the Fado Pub in Austin, TX!!! Great trading tonight..need to have some fun tomorrow to cheer on the globalists dismantling of the US economy!!! :eek:
  3. DennisR


    Cheers my friend. I'll be in good 'ol brooklyn NY. Maybe if i cup my hand to my ear I can hear cries of despair from wall st.

    Whatever. I'm not going to let a few dollars ruin the best day of the year. Plus losing large amounts of money makes you feel so damn alive. Invigorating!
  4. I will drink one for you tomorrow night with all my Austin trading friends..we have all been trading the ES like mad tonight.